Monday, 6 October 2014

A parody of fantasy...

I’m not much of a one for singing the praises of bandwagoners and spoofers.  You know: the people who seize on somebody else’s great idea and then make money from parodies and poor-relation spin-offs.  However, there is one program on the TV that parodies so brilliantly they deserve a bit of real credit.  I’m talking, of course, about The Simpsons (and yes, I like The Simpsons a lot!)

 There are three in particular that I absolutely adore (but in no particular order):
·         The Hobbit ‘Couch’ (
·         The Game of Thrones intro (
·         And The Lord of the Rings ( (Preview) ) – this is a French language version, but it has the best video quality from a bad bunch that I could find on YouTube

There was also an episode where Lisa was reading a Harry Potter story, where she played out the fantasy in her mind’s eye, which I found quite charming.  Haven’t located a viable vid on YT for that one, I’m afraid, but enjoy the above clips anyway!

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