Monday, 14 April 2014

New from Newcon Press

Newcon Press, the imprint run by NSFWG co-chairman Ian Whates, has two new anthologies out, filled with excellent writers.

Both books will be launched on Friday evening at this year's Eastercon in Glasgow, 6.00 pm on April 18th, unveiled at a launch party which will also see the release of a new collection from Eric Brown and The Moon King, Neil Williamson's debut novel.

A mysterious disappearance in the closed confines of the lunar colony, a man who claims to see a biblical reference made reality, a vital message carved into a piece of decaying skin, a powerful woman’s sage advice to her granddaughter, an artist determined to create the ultimate work of art whatever the cost, the dangerous search for a very special book, a future metropolis terrorised by an enigmatic serial killer, a man caught in a dark spiral of revenge…

Open the covers at your peril.

1. Introduction -- Ian Whates
2. E.J. Swift – The Crepuscular Hunter
3. Adam Roberts – Gross Thousand
4. Donna Scott – The Grimoire
5. Emma Coleman – The Treehouse
6. Paula Wakefield – Red in Tooth and Claw
7. Simon Kurt Unsworth – Private Ambulance
8. Jay Caselberg – Bite Marks
9. Marie O’Regan – Inspiration Point
10. Paul Graham Raven – The Boardinghouse Heart
11. Simon Morden – Entr’acte
12. James Worrad – Silent in Her Vastness
13. Paul Kane – Grief Stricken
14. Alex Dally McFarlane – The (De)Composition of Evidence

Paperback - £9.99 / Hardback - £15.99

Quantum mysteries, explosions with no apparent source, wartime code-breaking, artificial intelligence cloaked in the sweetest of forms, enchantments undertaken on a whim, a fetish convention at a small town hotel, a faithful pet’s ghost that won’t let go, a surgeon forced to operate at gunpoint, a future London where fate rests on the choice of dishes selected at a meal… All this and more.

1. Introduction -- Ian Whates
2. Stephen Palmer – Palestinian Sweets
3. Frances Hardinge – Slink-Thinking                   
4. Storm Constantine – A Winter Bewitchment
5. Andrew Hook – Softwood
6. Adele Kirby – Soleil
7. Stewart Hotston – Haecceity
8. John Llewellyn Probert – The Girl with No Face
9. Jonathan Oliver – High Church
10. Maura McHugh – Valerie
11. Holly Ice – Trysting Antlers
12. Ruth E.J. Booth – The Honey Trap
13. Benjanun Sriduangkaew – Elision

Paperback - £9.99 / Hardback - £15.99

Also, available from Space Witch, is "The Newcon Press Little Black Box" which contains

Hardback copies of both volumes of the duo anthology
La Femme
And Noir
An envelope filled with a quartet of sheets signed by all the contributing authors

A black tea-light candle shot through with silver, couched within a purple organza bag woven from the wings of dark fairies. The two books will be bound together with ribbon to protect the unwary reader, the inside of the box lined with black as an added precaution:

The NewCon Press Little Black Box is strictly limited, with only 100 available, each box individually numbered. When they’re gone, they’re gone…

Price: £39.99

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