Monday, 23 June 2014

Interviewed: NSFWG Member Susan Sinclair

In order to highlight and showcase the talents of the group members, each of us has completed the same interview.  Hopefully these will be interesting and enlightening and will also include links to websites and books.

Eleventh up is Susan Sinclair.

What made you want to become a writer? 

Instinct, I suppose. I was an awkward solitary kid using my imaginary world as a buffer from a confusing real world. Teachers compelled me to put thoughts onto paper despite dyslexic tendencies and were presented with pages and pages of ill spelt illegible scribble.  Stories with a beginning, middle and no end in sight, enthusiastically illustrated in my rough book.  English language books filled up quickly, rough books even quicker.

What was your first success?

My only properly published story is a short in “Shoes, Ships and Cadavers”. Most of my short stories are miniature epics, often too long to fit any conventional short story slot, while three novels sit on the shelf awaiting the perfect rewrite. It’s not just that I’m scared of rejection, I’m also aware of the stupid writing errors still littering my work.

What do you think the group does for you?

NSFWG is a support group in the real sense of the word.  Not just a polite nod from fellow writers who listened to me read, although friends from these types of group have encouraged me over the years.   NSFWG members offer real constructive appraisal of work they’ve taken time to study. The trick, for me, is to separate their personal preference from actual writing mistakes so as not to be too disheartened if they have a lot to say.

What was your last piece of work?

A friend recently put up a short fantasy romance on kindle, “On the Trail of the Mountain Monkey” which I hope someone might read.

What's coming up from you?

I’m just illustrating another short epic, “The Blackhawk Legacy” so I guess there is another re-write due on that, and my friend will put that up on kindle. Then I’ll just slog slowly on, getting all these weird ideas down before I run out of time.

You can find details of Susan's "On The Trail Of The Mountain Monkey" at this Amazon link

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