Tuesday, 12 April 2011

British Fantasy Society longlist nominations - 2011

The longlist of nominations for the British Fantasy Society Awards were published yesterday and, in one way or another, the Northampton SF Writers Group was represented.

Ian Whates’ novel, ‘City Of Dreams And Nightmares’ (Angry Robot) is up for Best Novel

Mark West’s story ‘The City In The Rain’ appears in the nominated anthology “Where The Heart Is” (edited by Gary Fry for Gray Friar Press)

Two NewCon Press anthologies had stories nominated -
‘Fool’s Gold’ by Sam Stone, which appeared in “The Bitten Word”
‘Harmony In My Head’ by Rosanne Rabinowitz, which appeared in “Conflicts”

In addition - and I know he’s not a member of the group, but he’s been very supportive of it in the past and he’s a genuinely nice man - Alan Moore shared a nomination for BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL/COMIC - Neonomicon – Alan Moore & Jacen Burrows – Avatar

The full long-list can be found here and good luck to those nominated


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